The worst thing about thermal paste for me is if you get some ANYWHERE but where its not suppose to go. Cleaning it off a motherboard is a pain and tedious if you mess up. Mind you I have shaky hands because I am disabled. So far I've had to use thermal paste 3 times and never had a problem with the thing not working… » 7/17/14 11:25pm 7/17/14 11:25pm

The real reason they are doing this is because youtube has done a great job at showing how terrible loot crates are. Its not to say there isn't something nice sometimes of course. But alot of it is basically left over stuff that companies can't sell. And some of the things you get every month are stupid like two… » 7/15/14 1:34pm 7/15/14 1:34pm

I'm that guy always at Wiki because theres just to much stuff to remember to craft. And on top of that every update changes things so I have to learn new stuff and see what changed. Overall a funny honest trailer though. I wish people would realize its partially satire just as the honest movie trailers are. » 7/12/14 3:28pm 7/12/14 3:28pm

Am I the only who never got why this was amusing? I love memes, I love animals.. heck I love hamsters. But when the first video came out of it eating a burrito (was that the first) I watched it and didn't understand why it was popular. I tried watching this one and I still don't get it. » 7/10/14 2:12am 7/10/14 2:12am

Same also. While they did make some good improvments in B2, they game for me got old when DLC essentially made it a Raid boss game instead. You pay for DLC to get cool net stuff... but only good stuff is gotten if you play with other people and defeat almost impossible bosses every time. Meh.

Just give me a good fun… » 7/07/14 1:29pm 7/07/14 1:29pm

Only reason people hate Bay is because they believe he messed up the Transformers movies. Which then spawned people to bash him in every way. If that hadn't of happened then no one would be hating him.

As much as I love the old Transformers, I accept the fact movies made from it are NOT going be accurate. Fanboys need… » 7/05/14 12:58pm 7/05/14 12:58pm

I have lost interest in many eaerly access games because of all this kind of stuff. EA games seem to be making gaming worse for Devs. Most of the games I've been waiting for still aren't done yet or haven't had upadtes in weeks. One such game being Starbound. Having never played Earthbound, Starbound looked… » 7/04/14 4:04pm 7/04/14 4:04pm

Whats sad is all the people hating the video didn't seem to realize we aren't #1 in any of the "bad" cataogories, so its not all that bad really.

Americas a joke because its to busy having an internal conflict about whos right or wrong on everything instead of just working together. Its why (as the video suggests)… » 7/04/14 3:42pm 7/04/14 3:42pm

While people are busy hating him, hes busy laughing as he swims in money. I fail to see how hes bad. Hes doing something right if hes getting people to see his movies over and over.

That aside, hes not the best director ever, but hes not the worst either. I find most of this hate for him came from the fact he screwed… » 7/04/14 3:17pm 7/04/14 3:17pm